Friday, October 15, 2010

It's Pure Murder 10.15.10

No, we are not killing off the population. MAK Magic has begun producing Murder Inc., again! This is a hallowed classic of stage magic. And back just in time for Halloween.
Into Goth, Geek or Bizarre magic, then this prop is perfect for you.

Imagine the reactions of your audience when you place your helpers head into the box, slide the doors into place and then begin to push real metal swords into the box. Once the swords are all in place, you reveal that you have made the head of your helper vanish! No head, no crime! Was it really murder? Replace the door remove the swords and presto their head is restored and no worst for the experience.

As with the original Murder Inc. this illusion is made in the USA, made of heavy gauge aluminum. It has real metal swords and, get this, NO BLACK ART! It is ingenious! In addition to the FIFTEEN metal swords, you get a Eureka table base.

The magic staff asked itself, “How can we not give this stage classic three thumbs up”… We can’t! It gets the full three thumbs even if someone does loose their head!