Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Snakes and Bells abound! 10.26.11

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted. The short story is that we have been crazy busy looking at developing and buying unbelievably GREAT NEW magic.

"Snake in a Basket" is not your Uncle Charlie’s snake routine. This is a fully animated fully remote controlled illusion that will amaze and entertain audiences of all ages. The snake has personality! The Frontier “Snake in the Basket” comes with the animated snake and a second full snake that you can use to introduce the routine. The “Snake in a Basket" can be used to find a selected card or the reveal a prediction or it can be used as a comic side kick. Literally, your options are limitless. If you can find a remote flash, pot, you can have your snake breath fire. We don't offer it but, hey it would be a cool addition!

Check out the “Snake in a Basket” demo here.

Okay, if that isn’t enough, we have found this beautifully crafted “Spirit Bell”.

Anyone who does or has even entertained the idea of doing “SPIRIT” magic should look at this piece. The bell will ring at your command. You are in complete control of the bell at all time. Use the “Spirit Bell” in a close-up show, a corporate hospitality room or in a séance. Watch a demo of the “Spirit Bell” here

Keep an eye open for the next NEW THING!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A real KID SHOW MUST! 08.16.11

Hippity Hop Rabbits have been a staple of kid shows since, well, forever! MAK has the exclusive rights to what we believe to be the coolest stage set on the market today.

With the right patter, you could use this for any kid show or even with a more mature audience. The surprise finish to the routine is bound to get huge laughs from the audience.

These rabbits are silk screened on solid wood panels in bright colors. The Rabbits are wonderfully illustrated giving the effect a contemporary look. The rabbit houses measure 9 ½” X 14 ½” and play well on stage or in parlor shows!

Check out the short video clip here to see these rabbits at work.

Don't let another kid show go buy without this illusion in you act!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tis’ the season! 08.02.11

No, it’s not Christmas. But it is the time of year when we at Mak begin to order tons of new magic.

Granted, we order magic all year long, but it’s now when we place our orders for the things you will be needing and wanting for the holiday sales season. Keep checking the web and keep downloading the product database to get a handle on what we have that’s new and popular.

Lots of new items are arriving here at MAK everyday from Magic Tao, Alakazam, Astor, Frontier, Ickle Pickle, Kenworthey Magic, Mikame Craft, Vernet Magic and of course TORA Magic.

All of this and soooooo much more.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Elephants on the stampede! 06.21.11

The magic staff here at Mak hasn’t been this excited about a new effect since, well since ever! We took an idea to Frontier Magic and they exceeded our wildest expectations! This effect is an animal!

Elephant in the Room may very well go down in the magic history books as the ultimate stage/kids show effect ever to come along. Built for laughs, it has a built in mentalist routine that every magician knows and has used one time or another. Carroll and Steve both agree, this could become the centerpiece for any stage performer that wants a killer comedy routine. The potential for gag after gag is endless. WATCH THE VIDEO!
Elephant in the Room is completely self-contained!

Watch here and on our site for more information.

Monday, May 23, 2011

MAK is ALARMED 05.23.11

The magic community is alarmed, or at least they will be.

Alakazam Magic, UK introduced “ALARMED” at Blackpool this year and it SOLD OUT! MAK Magic is excited to say that we will be carrying ALARMED created by Noel Qualter. This amazing effect allows you to ask a spectator imagine an alarm clock, to name a day and a time. You then produce a PHOTO of an alarm clock that reads the spectator’s exact day and time! There are NO FORCES. There are NO SWITCHES. There is no SLIEGHT OF HAND! There are no OUTS (none needed). There is just unbelievable MAGIC! Best of all…

The spectator gets to keep the photo as a souvenir at the end.

We will have it in our hands and available to ship June 3rd for sale to the public June 6th.

The magic crew here at MAK is sitting on pins and needles waiting to get our hands on this. If you are a mentalist or know any, you’d be mental not to get this.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Visit from Frontier 04.15.11

Walter from Frontier Magic, dropped off the latest creation, the Celtic Knot Cabinet. WOW! This is a great piece of magic. Built from solid maple it has all of the fine qualities we have come to expect from Frontier. It will look beautiful on the magic shelf of any collection and will create huge interest on a table in a stage or parlor show.

But wait! That's not all! Walter brought by a ptorotype of his newest illusion, "The Elephant in the ROOM". I can't say too much about the workings or the routine, but it uses remote tecnologies. Seriously, this will be the next MUST HAVE for kid show workers, corporate/trade show workers and comedy folks, as well! Keep an eye out here for the release announcement. Oh, here’s a photo I snapped. Sorry you can’t see more!

Buried in magic! 04.14.11

Mak is buried under a ton of great new magic. Just within the past couple of weeks we have picked up Joe Mogar knives! Beautifully made and they feel great in the hands. If you do close-up or table hopping, you need a “Color Changing Knife” routine and you need a set of Joe’s knives. Oh, the mini knives for the “Smash Climax” are unbelievable! We have in stock, several items from Samuel P Smith, like Sketch-O-magic, Book Worm, Ghost card and Shrinking Gloves. In addition, East Coast Magic has supplied us with absolutely great magic! Check out the full line by following the links.

Finally, the wizards at Frontier Magic have a brand new item is in our warehouse NOW! Celtic Knot Cabinet is real a winner! Bound to make its way to the collections of workers and collectors, this piece is simply amazing. Built out of solid maple the cabinet alone would make a great centerpiece on any magician’s shelf. Add in the great magic and now you have a classic in the making. Watch here for the sneek peek at a NEW and exciting piece of magic from Frontier Magic!!