Monday, May 23, 2011

MAK is ALARMED 05.23.11

The magic community is alarmed, or at least they will be.

Alakazam Magic, UK introduced “ALARMED” at Blackpool this year and it SOLD OUT! MAK Magic is excited to say that we will be carrying ALARMED created by Noel Qualter. This amazing effect allows you to ask a spectator imagine an alarm clock, to name a day and a time. You then produce a PHOTO of an alarm clock that reads the spectator’s exact day and time! There are NO FORCES. There are NO SWITCHES. There is no SLIEGHT OF HAND! There are no OUTS (none needed). There is just unbelievable MAGIC! Best of all…

The spectator gets to keep the photo as a souvenir at the end.

We will have it in our hands and available to ship June 3rd for sale to the public June 6th.

The magic crew here at MAK is sitting on pins and needles waiting to get our hands on this. If you are a mentalist or know any, you’d be mental not to get this.