Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Snakes and Bells abound! 10.26.11

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted. The short story is that we have been crazy busy looking at developing and buying unbelievably GREAT NEW magic.

"Snake in a Basket" is not your Uncle Charlie’s snake routine. This is a fully animated fully remote controlled illusion that will amaze and entertain audiences of all ages. The snake has personality! The Frontier “Snake in the Basket” comes with the animated snake and a second full snake that you can use to introduce the routine. The “Snake in a Basket" can be used to find a selected card or the reveal a prediction or it can be used as a comic side kick. Literally, your options are limitless. If you can find a remote flash, pot, you can have your snake breath fire. We don't offer it but, hey it would be a cool addition!

Check out the “Snake in a Basket” demo here.

Okay, if that isn’t enough, we have found this beautifully crafted “Spirit Bell”.

Anyone who does or has even entertained the idea of doing “SPIRIT” magic should look at this piece. The bell will ring at your command. You are in complete control of the bell at all time. Use the “Spirit Bell” in a close-up show, a corporate hospitality room or in a séance. Watch a demo of the “Spirit Bell” here

Keep an eye open for the next NEW THING!