Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bands that are Magical not silly

The magician’s bread, butter and bane, magic for kid.

You have a gig at a family style restaurant and it’s “Kids Eat Free” night. What a nightmare. Hundreds of kids running amuck and you have to entertain them. So, you think to yourself, what shall I do? Sponge balls, nah. Hot Rod, nah. The disappearing little square silk into the hand thing, nah. Dang, you’re stuck.

Here’s the really funny, but true reality, “What is old is new again”. Kids from six to twenty-six are into Silly Bands. You know the elastic bands shaped like animals, cars, rockets and every other conceivable image. Oddly enough, I have seen them on some adults. This fad is a golden opportunity for magicians to add Star Gazer to their kid’s magic! Put out ten years ago, this effect uses Silly Band like elastics that look like stars.

So, place two Star Gazer bands on your wrist the same way you would standard rubber bands (gum bands for those in PA.) Once at the table, notice the kids have on their silly bands. Comment on how cool they are and that you have had yours for a very long time. Go on the say that they are magical and that they can pass right through each other. Yep, I am thinking, the classic “Crazy Man’s Handcuffs”. Create patter that tells a story about two star-crossed lovers that when together are stronger than when they are apart. Or, something to that affect. Use your imagination and don’t simply use the patter that has been floating around for years or is from someone else’s act.

To finish off your routine, borrow a band from one of the kids at the table. Be careful as this can be a bit risky. If the band is extremely fragile or is one that is extra large, you might not be able to use it. Either repeat the routine using different patter or save one of the penetration from your routine for this and make it the finale.

Wow! Okay, now you are the coolest magic person in the world because you do magic with Silly Bands!!