Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Better use of Props, Kid Show

Have you run out of ideas for your shows but own a ton of props that you are not sure what to do with?

Try combining the effects to make new routines... Instead of a separate vanish and production, how about a transposition or metamorphosis instead?

For example, have you thought about using a Rabbit Wringer and a Circus Wagon together? Using these two effects together will allow you to use more of the stage, making your act look bigger in the eyes of the audience. Using other parts of the stage instead of just the center could help you sell to bigger venues.

Have your Circus wagon set (if you own one, you know what I mean) and ready on one side of the stage and your Rabbit Wringer on the other side of the stage. Instead of using the flat rabbit that comes with the Rabbit Wringer, try using a deflated 12" white latex balloon instead.

Produce your bunny (either a stuffed bunny or a twin bunny). Perform the Wringer effect, squeezing out the balloon from the Rabbit Wringer instead of the flat rabbit . Take off the front of the Rabbit Wringer to show it empty.

Blow up the balloon as you walk across stage to the Circus Wagon. Using a marker, draw a quick shape on the balloon to look like a rabbit (just the head and ears will work). Place the balloon into the Circus wagon. As you activate the Wagon, the Balloon pops and out comes the rabbit for a great finish.

Try this for your next show and see if you don’t get a bigger reaction from your audience.

Carroll Baker
MAK Magic Sales