Friday, July 30, 2010

Strat-O-Sphere Revisited

Retooling your brain

Do you have a Strat-o-Sphere gathering dust? Are you tired of the traditional presentation? Do you want to add a new twist to it? Try one of these ideas and put the Strat back into your show.

If you do a school show, this is the perfect effect to use for a safety show theme. Traffic Safety is a very important lesson. Using the Stra-O-Sphere is a great way to get the message across and keep the kid’s attention.

Idea One: Start the effect by producing three silks, one of each color that matches the balls for the Strat-o-Sphere. You could produce the silks bare handed or as a continuous production all tied together with square knots from a Change Bag. Continue by placing the silks into a Mirror Box that is shown to be empty. Do the magic, pull out the balls for the Strat-o-Sphere, and continue from there.

Idea Two: Do the kids forget where the Red ball is or miss it changing places in the tube, try tying an 18-inch Red silk around the tube at the top to signify where the Red ball starts out and slide it to the bottom of the tube before raising the tube to show the ball has moved.

Idea Three: As an alternate way to vanish the ball at the end of the routine, try a “Devil’s” hanky instead of the Joker box. The “devil’s” hanky packs flat and makes for the perfect vanish. You can even show both sides of the hanky to prove the ball has vanished.

There you have it. Try these suggestions to step up you Strat. Keep checking out our Blog for more ideas and reviews.