Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Saw is back! Electric Sawing Thru Neck

from the desk of Steve Branham

I remember being a kid and looking through the MAK Magic catalog looking at all the great magic tricks, they had everything from little pocket tricks to those big illusions and I would save my allowance to buy them all!

MAK Magic has brought back a classic…“The Electric Sawing Thru Neck” – P0658.

I get more requests for the return of the Electric Sawing Thru Neck” then any other “Classic” MAK Product.

And why not…

-It uses a real Black & Decker Jig saw

-You can use any spectator as your helper without any training.

-It packs flat.

-Thanks to a clever little feature added by Tony Spina, when the saw passes thru, you cut a carrot in half and not your helper! Check out the improved cutting illusion.

I could not wait to add MAK Magic’s “The Electric Sawing Thru Neck – P0658” to my show and highly recommend this item!